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MacOrama für den 16. September 2005

MacOramaThink Secret rechnet mit einem Power Mac-Update kommende Woche, das vermutlich auf den 970MP setzt (nichts wirklich Neues eigentlich). PowerBooks soll es nach deren Quellen allerdings erst im Januar 2006 zur Macworld San Francisco geben.

RAILhead Design frischt Gerüchte um ein Tabellenkalkulationsprogramm für iWork auf: "Apple does have a spread sheet application in the works and it is planned as part of iWork 06. One thing to note, though: it’s not being developed as an Excel-killer any more than Pages was developed as a Word-killer."

Wer braucht schon Cerealien-Unfug, wenn er seinen shuffle derartig verkleben kann ("Do not eat iPod shuffle" gilt hier umso mehr). (via technoskop)

Ein Interview mit Jonathan Ive bei designmuseum.org:
Q. "What are the advantages of designing for one company? And the disadvantages? What are the particular characteristics of the set-up at Apple that has made the experience of working there rewarding for you?"
A. "It is pretty humbling when so much of your effectiveness is defined by context. Not only is it critical that the leadership of a company clearly understands its products and the role of design, but that the development, marketing and sales teams are also equally committed to the same goals. More than ever I am aware that what we have achieved with design is massively reliant on the commitment of lots of different teams to solve the same problems and on their sharing the same goals. I like being part of something that is bigger than design. There is a loyalty that I have for Apple and a belief that this company has an impact beyond design which feels important. I also have a sense of being accountable as we really live, sometimes pretty painfully with the consequences of what we do."

"A federal court last week denied Apple's motion to dismiss an antitrust suit brought by a disgruntled iTunes Music Store customer, AppleInsider has discovered."

Akku-Messer coconutBattery 1.3 bringt ein neues Icon und die obligatorischen Bugfixes.

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