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Samstags-MacOrama für den 22. Oktober 2005 [Update]

MacOramaThe Return of the ROKR: "As many as six times more customers are returning the Rokr phones than is normal for new handsets, according to American Technology Research analyst Albert Lin, who said he talked to distributors, retailers and call center workers at Cingular Wireless LLC, which sells the phone." Bloomberg.com. 250.000 ROKRs wurden im vergangenen Quartal an (wohlgemerkt) Netzanbieter verkauft, die im gleichen Zeitraum 6,5 Millionen des inzwischen reichlich veralteten RAZR erhielten.

iLounge.com: "As initially shown through a diagnostic test of the new iPod, the 60GB model actually contains twice as much SDRAM - 64 Megabytes rather than 32 Megabytes. SDRAM typically serves as a buffer for audio and video clips, and additional memory can reduce the number of times an iPod’s hard drive is accessed, thereby further improving battery life."

Stanford bekommt seine eigene iTunes-Präsenz. "Stanford on iTunes will expand in content and features in the coming months. Soon users will be able to access descriptions of each track, listen to over 30 lectures from Reunion Homecoming 2005, and even watch video of select programs." (Danke, fluke!)
Update: Manueller Trackback auf Toms sich darauf beziehenden Artikel bei Apfeltalk.

heise security: "Norton Antivirus und Symantecs LiveUpdate für Macintosh ermöglichen es einem angemeldeten Benutzer, Systemrechte zu erlangen." Installiert sich wirklich jemand noch (freiwillig) Norton?

FlickrExport 1.3.0b6: "Almost all of the showstoppers have been fixed in b6, and everyone should upgrade to this new release as soon as possible - it’s much better."

"Firefight is an interactive screen saver that reacts to any sound that your internal microphone can pickup." (via mac.delta-c)

eBay-Auktion-in-iCal-Merker Baywatch (mehr dazu hier im fscklog) wird mit letzten Bugfixes zur finalen 1.0.

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