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Sonntags-Mini-MacOrama für den 23. Oktober 2005

MacOramaiLounge.com haben das neue Universal Dock für den iPod und dessen Bedienung über die Apple Remote ausführlich getestet: "Our B+ rating of the Universal Dock recognizes its slightly superior value to its flat B predecessor as a standalone peripheral, while our B rating for the Apple Remote is a compromise. As an iPod-only accessory, it could have rated lower based on its high standalone price, limited utility without the Universal Dock, and Infrared broadcasting limitations. However, because of its solid-by-IR standards performance and classically Apple industrial design, as well as its compatibility with other Apple products and the lack of directly comparable iPod alternatives, it’s recommendable."

Mal ein Blick über den Mac-Tellerrand:
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BenQ bietet neuerdings seine Notebooks sogar mit legalem Windows XP an.

Und Colorware färbt ab demnächst (für einen Aufpreis von rund 65$) natürlich auch die großen iPods:

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