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Auf der Suche nach dem nächsten Finder [Update]

Apple sucht einen 'Finder Software Engineer' per Stellenanzeige: «The Finder team is seeking an energetic, motivated software engineer to help develop next generation versions of the Finder, the notorious file browser for Mac OS X.» Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard ist für Ende 2006/Anfang 2007 angekündigt, erste Einblicke sind auf der WWDC zu erwarten. (via MacRumors)
Update: «But seriously folks, I actually think a new Finder is coming. Yes, maybe even a Cocoa Finder. But either way, I mean "all new" as in "looks different and works differently." As always, it's tempting to extrapolate from the UI of whatever the most recently released Apple software product happens to be. I will now give in to that temptation and admit that when I envision Apple's Brand New Finder™, I see an application that takes a lot of stylistic and functional cues from Aperture. (That doesn't mean anything other than that I'm easily influenced by shiny things, but bear with me...)» so John Siracusa in seinem Artikel bei FatBits. Mit einem wirklich neuen Finder rechnet er dabei erst in 10.6 .

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