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Die Heilslehre des iPod [Update]

the holy ipod
Wer die Bibel auf seinem iPod bereits von Anfang bis Ende durchgeclickwheelt hat, der kann sich ganz den religiösen Offenbarungen des iPods selbst widmen, die eine Baptistenkirche in Houston ernsthaft anbietet: «The iPod® revolutionized the music industry. Take everything people love about it and let it revolutionize your life.» (Danke, Simz!)
Update: «"When I go to iTunes, I select all that I want. When I go to Jesus Christ, he gives me all that I need. It's that simple," Sberna told his congregation Sunday morning. "Why have you not bought one of these things. These are so cool. They cost a little bit of money, but they are worth the money. Let me tell you something about salvation, it's free but it's not cheap."» nbc5i.com.

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