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Steves "Magic Kingdom" [Update]

BusinessWeek Cover
Unterhalb der Gürtellinie. (Gesehen bei Defamer)
Update: Link zur Titelgeschichte, die folgende Anekdote über Steves Auftritt am Tag von Amelios Abtritt bereithält: «Wearing shorts, sneakers, and a few days' growth of beard, he sat down in a swivel chair and spun slowly, says McCluney, now president of storage provider Emulex Corp. "O.K., tell me what's wrong with this place," Jobs said. After some mumbled replies, he jumped in: "It's the products! So what's wrong with the products?" Again, executives began offering some answers. Jobs cut them off. "The products SUCK!" he roared. "There's no sex in them anymore!"» (Danke, rafi!).

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