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MagSafe - angeschmort [Update_2]

Front side of the connector
"Front side of the connector" von rheauchyr, der dazu schreibt: «Left home@8am, macbook on the power cord. Came home@8pm, cable was disconnect (probably by our cats) and connector looked like this. The Macbook was loaded approx 33% so was connected for less than an hour in the morning I guess.»
Update: Und so geht die Geschichte bislang weiter: «Apple support responded very well [...] and fast. Before I called our local Apple support line, the dutch engineers were already contacted by their US collegues (who saw the pics) to inquire if I already called in. I'm getting a new Macbook asap and I will return my current one. They could not tell me anything on the cause and I wonder if I'll ever know.» (Danke, greezer!)
Update_2: Grund für die inzwischen "etwas" gröber gepixelten Bilder: «The reason for this is that Apple, after dealing with this issue, kindly requested me to remove the pictures at least until their engineers had a change to investigate this issue.»

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