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Foxconn weist Vorwürfe über iPod-Produktionsbedingungen von sich

Nach Apples Reaktion auf den Mail on Sunday-Artikel über die angeblichen iPod-Produktionsbedingungen, meldet sich nun Foxconn selbst gegenüber DigiTimes zu Wort: «Edmund Ding, spokesman for Foxconn -- a chief maker of iPods -- said there were huge discrepancies between the truth and the claims in the report, which he said seems like a vicious attack on the company. He added that the company reserves the right to take legal actions over the report.[...] He maintained that Foxconn, as an international company, abides by the employment law in China, which stipulates that the minimum wage for a worker in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone is 810 yuan (US$101) a month, and 700 yuan outside the special economic zone, Ding added.» In einem Kommentar bei ChinaTechNews.com war bereits vor einigen Tagen der ursprüngliche Artikel scharf attackiert worden: «But what I do not like is ignorance, and poorly researched sensationalist articles do nothing to make the world a better place. If Apple does terrorize its workers, give us better reasons to believe. And if they don't, the journalist should be fired and the paper should apologize to the security guard for interrupting his nap time.» Außerdem schildert ein Macintouch-Leser, der letzten Monat im LongHau-Werk gewesen sein will, seine Eindrücke: «The five hundred staffers I recently lectured to were all in good spirits and clearly satisfied with their jobs and working conditions. The lecture that evening was on project management, in English, of course, and the group's appetite for this type of information was barely quenched. Their biggest worry on that evening? Planning the next weekend with friends, of course. As for cramped quarters, it doesn't matter if you are talking 10 or 100, if the space is too tight, it will be uncomfortable - and here, comfort is relative. Ask most workers, and they will tell you, yes, the dorms are packed, but not as bad as they could be. The salaries are relative as well. At least Foxconn makes good on its promise to pay. And the little they make compared to other countries is more than they made on the farm...in most cases, more than the entire family made.»

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