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Jobs Weg zum iTunes Movie Store [Update]

Variety porträtiert Steve Jobs auf dem Weg vom iTMS zum iTunes Movie Store: «Studios have resisted Jobs' initial insistence that feature films be priced at the easy-to-remember $9.99. After all, library titles are typically sold to Wal-Mart and Best Buy significantly cheaper than new releases. Studios now are trying to convince Apple to sell similar content at multiple price points, something the company has never done. Also complicating the deals: The studios are working out terms with a host of other distributors, including Amazon, Movielink and BitTorrent, in part to make sure that one company does not dominate. It seems that none of the studios wants to be first in making a deal with Apple. Disney would be the logical leader, but even they are cautious, fearing it will look like in-house synergy rather than a business decision.»
Update: «Studio sources expect an iTunes movie store to debut by the end of the year at the latest», so ein weiterer Variety-Artikel vom selben Autor.

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