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John 'PC' Hodgman über den Mac [Update_2]

John Hodgman
Ein Gespräch mit John Hodgman über Maulwurfmenschen, Chupacabras und natürlich den Mac, den er zwar nicht verkörpert aber -ganz im Gegensatz zu Justin 'Mac' Long- seit Jahren nutzt:
«I myself am a Mac user. I bought the very first Mac, or convinced my father to buy it, in 1984. I used it through high school and college; it was the first computer I used outside of college, then I went though a brief period of exile during my corporate years as a professional literary agent, where I was forced to use a PC... Mac has always gotten the design and the interface down pat. They just know it. PC’s efforts to emulate this, and its constant failing, and its self-satisfied arrogance about it being the most used platform in the world, all of that made it very easy to craft a character who, while he is a boob, and often concerned about how he comes off, at his core really feels bad for the Mac. Is really so delusional to believe he’s much cooler than the Mac. The whole reason they’re standing in that white room is because he’s trying to help the Mac out.»
Update: Wer von Hodgman-Interviews gar nicht genug bekommen kann, liest ein weiteres bei Radar Online:
Radar: «Before we start I am legally obligated to inform you that I am taping this conversation.»
JH: «That's fine, but my voice doesn't record on tape or digital audio.»
Update_2: Und ein weiteres Interview bei Lost Remote:
"Safran: Did you have a hand in writing the scripts for those ads?
HODGMAN: Justin Long and I were certainly encouraged to improvise based on the scripts that were provided, and we did get a few gags in each. But the vast majority of the best stuff comes directly from their scripts and Phil Morrison’s direction. Everyone deserves awards!"

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