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Zitate zu des iPods Fünftem

der nächste iPod
Fünf Jahre und 67 Millionen iPods später erdrückt die Flut der Gratulationsartikel. Ein paar handverlesene Zitate:

«"The iPod is the first glimmer of a future in which we will have very small devices that let us carry around tons and tons of information," said Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, a research director for the non-profit Institute for the Future. "That will have an affect on the way people relate to their pasts, and the way media serves as a source for shaping their identifies."» Mercury News.

«The iPod is the most perfect realization of the culture of self-construction, even more so than the cellphone. After all, though you can filter people out of your world with your cell, once they are on — well, they have their own scripts. But your music never lets you down. It always delivers what it delivered before, what you know so well, what you want again.» Thomas de Zengotita für die LA Times.

«The iPod, arguably, is the first "crossover" product from a computer company that genuinely caught on with music and video buffs. It's shown how a computer can be an integral part of a home entertainment system, and it's led pop stars from U2's Bono to Madonna to trade quips with Apple's own rock star, CEO Steve Jobs.» CNET.

«“The iPod’s definitely changed the way I see Apple,” said Anil Dash, a Windows user and VP of Evangelism for Six Apart (a title that Dash notes is a nod to the position once held at Apple by Guy Kawasaki). To Dash, the iPod has helped transform his view of Apple “from a company that makes me roll my eyes because of all my zealot friends, to [one] that I buy things from regularly. Albeit begrudgingly.”» Macworld.

«Some lonely nights, I wonder if the most interesting thing I'll ever be able to say about my life is that I was there when Steve Jobs introduced the iPod to the world.» Farhad Manjoo für Salon.com

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