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Steve Jobs nimmt Stellung zu Apples Umweltschutz-Plänen

Steve Jobs hat offensichtlich Freude an seinem neuen Blog-Dasein gefunden und äußert sich heute in einem langen Artikel zu den Vorwürfen, Apple würde zu wenig zum Schutz der Umwelt unternehmen: «It is generally not Apple’s policy to trumpet our plans for the future; we tend to talk about the things we have just accomplished. Unfortunately this policy has left our customers, shareholders, employees and the industry in the dark about Apple’s desires and plans to become greener. Our stakeholders deserve and expect more from us, and they’re right to do so. They want us to be a leader in this area, just as we are in the other areas of our business. So today we’re changing our policy.[...] Today is the first time we have openly discussed our plans to become a greener Apple. It will not be the last. We will be providing updates of our efforts and accomplishments at least annually, most likely around this time of the year. And we plan to bring other environmental issues to the table as well, such as the energy efficiency of the products in our industry. We are also beginning to explore the overall carbon “footprint” of our products, and may have some interesting data and issues to share later this year.»

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